Body Prime is an effective kick-start to any health regimen. Made with magnesium, prune powder, and apple pectin, this formula has simple ingredients that support cleansing and bowel motility to prime the body for an effective purification program. Body Prime and its ingredients have been included in a number of studies demonstrating it has a positive cardiovascular benefit, is useful in maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance, and reduces fatigue.

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21-Day Purify Program

Body Prime es un comienzo efectivo para cualquier régimen saludable. Con magnesio, polvo de pasas de ciruela y pectina de manzana, esta fórmula posee ingredientes simples que ayudan con la limpieza del intestino y con el tránsito intestinal para preparar el cuerpo para un programa eficiente de purificación. Body Prime y sus ingredientes han sido incluidos en varios estudios que demuestran que ofrece un beneficio cardiovascular positivo, es útil para mantener un equilibrio saludable de electrolitos y disminuye la fatiga.

Purify Guide Website

Programa de Purificaión de 21 Días

  • Supports cleansing and bowel motility*
  • Magnesium helps maintain healthy electrolyte balance and reduce fatigue
  • Contributes to muscle function including the heart muscle
  • Contributes to normal muscle contraction including normal heartbeat
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Take two capsules one to three times per day. Digestive tracts vary. Begin with fewer capsules and increase as desired to achieve digestive response.
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