L’amara Anti-Pollution Exfoliating Cleanser clears away environmental pollution, sloughs off dead skin cells and removes buildup deep within pores to reveal your natural radiance. It uses naturally derived ingredients like cellulose beads, along with deep-cleaning alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and malachite to provide gentle, effective exfoliation. The result? No more impurities and toxic pollutants. Instead, a visible renewal, where irritated, dull, lifeless skin is replaced with softer, cleaner, more radiant skin. In a clinical study, Exfoliating Cleanser was shown to effectively remove up to 98.6% of fine dust particles, revealing softer, cleaner, more radiant skin. And it balances your skin microbiome with nutrients from pre- and probiotics.
• Removes dirt and fine dust particles with just one use. Clinically studied!
• Removes oil, impurities and bad bacteria to reveal healthier looking skin
• Provides a more even skin tone and texture thanks to gentle mechanical and chemical exfoliators
• Includes naturally derived cellulose beads from biodegradable wood fibers that are gentle on skin
• Features antioxidants (from malachite) to combat environmental aggressors
• Supports a balanced skin microbiome for hydrated, softer, smoother, healthier skin with beautifying nutrients from land and sea
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l'amara Anti-Pollution Exfoliating Cleanser

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1 bottle
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